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Saturday, May 9, 12:30 PM
Pantages Theatre
Tickets: $ 12 – 19
This concert brings together music that looks to the future and beyond our imagination into the Universe.  The dynamic Amit Peled performs Schumann’s great concerto in his first Tacoma appearance in eight years.  Gustav Holst’s famous piece depicts each of the heavenly orbs.  In this performance, it will be enhanced by breathtaking images from NASA, artfully assembled by Sarah Ioannides and timed to the music, projected above the stage.
Chadwick:  Euterpe, 
Schumann:  Cello Concerto, &
Holst: The Planets.

Click to listen to Schumann Cello Concerto:

Listen to Mars from Holst’s The Planets

Listen to Jupiter from Holst’s The Planets